Animation: Maestro

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Produced by the Illogic collective.



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A delightful 1969 short about this ancient and ubiquitous toy, by Charles and Ray Eames.

When I was a kid I had a whistling top that played different tones at different speeds.

Found on Miss Cellania.

Robert Frank and the Women at White Tower

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Hearing that photographer Robert Frank has died and seeing appreciations of some of his great photographs reminded me of the most fascinating of all my picture books, The Family of Man, a collection of 503 photos from a sweeping international exhibition that toured the world from 1955 to 1963.

Robert Frank has seven photos in the collection, including this image of a group of women at the White Tower lunch counter.

Frank Hamburgers

Frank snapped several photos of these women. It’s fun to try to arrange them chronologically.

White Tower girls

White Tower girls2

Frank Hamburgers

White Tower girls3

Big Brother Amazon Selling Scrambled Editions of Orwell

•August 20, 2019 • 3 Comments

1984Over the past couple of years Amazon products and reviews have grown thick with scammers, and it’s spreading through the books now as people print and sell cheap, error-riddled copies of saleable classics.

David Streitfeld ordered some George Orwell and reported on what he got:

If you need a copy of “Animal Farm” or “1984” for school, you’re not going to think too much about who published it. Because all editions of “1984” are the same, right?

Not always, not on Amazon.

More at the NY Times.

Jay Inslee’s Art

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It has just come to my attention that Washington State Governor Jay Inslee makes very cute and colorful art.



Skagit tulips


Bear in the woods

I like the repeating patterns and visual perspective.

Milky Way Timelapse

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This timelapse of the Milky Way with the sky held steady really shows the Earth’s planetness.

Aryeh Nirenberg has lots more cool videos of the night sky.

July on Mount Rainier

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Here are some photos of our glorious stay on Mount Rainier. Click and zoom for a closer look.

Mount Rainier


Paradise Inn


Paradise Inn, early morning.


Tatoosh from Paradise


Avalanch lilies and Tatoosh


Reflection lake trail


Tumtum Peak


Myrtle Falls

Rick’s lovely photos of Mount Rainier wildflowers are in the previous post.

Flowers of Mt Rainier National Park

•July 27, 2019 • 1 Comment

We visited Mt Rainier National Park for a few days in July. The sub alpine meadows are full of flowers.

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