Milky Way Timelapse

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This timelapse of the Milky Way with the sky held steady really shows the Earth’s planetness.

Aryeh Nirenberg has lots more cool videos of the night sky.

July on Mount Rainier

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Here are some photos of our glorious stay on Mount Rainier. Click and zoom for a closer look.

Mount Rainier


Paradise Inn


Paradise Inn, early morning.


Tatoosh from Paradise


Avalanch lilies and Tatoosh


Reflection lake trail


Tumtum Peak


Myrtle Falls

Rick’s lovely photos of Mount Rainier wildflowers are in the previous post.

Flowers of Mt Rainier National Park

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We visited Mt Rainier National Park for a few days in July. The sub alpine meadows are full of flowers.

Animation: Freequences

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An amazing mastery of zoetrope animation, sound representation, and cake decorating went into this animation by Alexandre Dubosc.

Found on the ever interesting Miss Cellania.


Don’t Let ‘Em Leave

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I was admiring this street poster the other day, and now I see it’s on the homepage of the Salish Sea Anti-Space Symposium.

With no organized resistance, or even serious questioning, America’s billionaires are racing to claim outer space for their own. This “land grab” of space inevitably puts corporate profits ahead of the fate of earth itself. The Salish Sea Anti-Space Symposium (SSASS) presents a weekend (July 19 – 21) of free events, both thoughtful and humorous, designed to provoke questions around the fervor of space conquest and ask what will happen once the 1% abandon the rest of us on an overheated earth?

Whitey on the Moon, by Gil Scott Heron

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Gil Scott Heron

Whitey on the Moon

by Gil Scott Heron
A rat done bit my sister Nell.
(with Whitey on the moon)
Her face and arms began to swell.
(and Whitey’s on the moon)
I can’t pay no doctor bill.
(but Whitey’s on the moon)
Ten years from now I’ll be paying still.
(while Whitey’s on the moon)
The man just upped my rent last night.
(’cause Whitey’s on the moon)
No hot water, no toilets, no lights.
(but Whitey’s on the moon)
I wonder why he’s upping me?
(’cause Whitey’s on the moon?)
I wuz already paying him fifty a week.
(with Whitey on the moon)
Taxes taking my whole damn check,
Junkies making me a nervous wreck,
The price of food is going up,
An’ as if all that shit was’t enough:
A rat done bit my sister Nell.
(with Whitey on the moon)
Her face and arm began to swell.
(but Whitey’s on the moon)
Was all that money I made last year
(for Whitey on the moon?)
How come there ain’t no money here?
(Hmm! Whitey’s on the moon)
Y’know I just about had my fill
(of Whitey on the moon)
I think I’ll send these doctor bills,
Airmail special
(to Whitey on the moon)


Dash Warning Lights Explained

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Dash warning lights explained

Brought to you by Dave the Car Guy via Everlasting Blört.

A Dapper, Dapper Man

•July 6, 2019 • Comments Off on A Dapper, Dapper Man

What amazing clothes this fellow has.

I learned about him from an article in today’s Guardian about people who like to dress in period costume every day.

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