Tapestries at the Residenz Museum in Munich

This past October I had the good fortune of visiting the Residenz Museum in Munich. While we were there I kept my companions waiting for ages while I pored over the dozens of spectacular tapestries in the rooms. Here are just a few of them.








The tapestries were designed in the early 1600s by Hans van der Biest and Peter Candid. Click and zoom for a closer look.

~ by lolarusa on May 21, 2015.

2 Responses to “Tapestries at the Residenz Museum in Munich”

  1. These are wonderful pictures of wonderful tapestries.

    If I may, though, I was wondering whether you knew anything in particular about Peter Candid, or had any books with information on him. I’ve been frantically searching, and I just bought three books by Brigitte Volk-Knuttel, but information has been remarkably scarce.

    If you do happen to know of anything or own any books, I’d love to have some information or scans of pages.


  2. Hello Perrigore Doyle,

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any more information about the artists than you do. There is an information page for Peter de Witte, alias Peter Candid at the Netherlands Institute for Art History, including a list of information sources: the https://rkd.nl/en/explore/artists/85191

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