Geiger Counter

I bought a Geiger counter at an antique store in November. It was an impulse buy, but reasonably priced, and I thought it was perfect for the fallout shelter I’m putting together.  I’ll show you the fallout shelter some day, but in the meantime I have a Geiger counter story.

geiger 1

geiger 2

geiger 3

I replaced two 45-volt batteries & one 22.5-volt battery, and the thing clicks when turned on, as though registering background radiation. But I can’t be sure it really works without waving that wand over something radioactive, like an old watch, or an old smoke detector, both of which I have not got.  Enter United Nuclear Scientific.

I found United Nuclear Scientific on the internet. They sell radioactive samples specifically designed to test Geiger counters for $5.00 + shipping, courtesy of the U.S. postal service. Mine arrived the other day.

radioactive material

The Geiger counter doesn’t register anything when presented with this sample, meaning either it doesn’t work or the sample isn’t radioactive. So I looked at United Nuclear again, and found that it’s run by Bob Lazar.  I, of course, have heard of him.

Bob Lazar claims to be an M.I.T. physicist who worked at Area 51, tasked to reverse-engineer the flying saucer that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. He said the saucer was from Zeta Reticuli, home of the “Greys.” The ship ran on ununpentium, also known as element 115, an element that was first synthesized on earth in 2003. Lazar signed a non-disclosure agreement with the U.S. military and was warned that, should he reveal anything, his family would be executed. Bob runs United Nuclear with his wife, Joy White. M.I.T. says they never heard of Bob Lazar. Bob says his past has been deleted by the government in an attempt to discredit his claims. And so on, and so on, in the endless circle of conspiracy kookiness that I’ve grown to love & hate.

People have asked if it’s legal to send radioactive material through the mail. Also, didn’t I find it foolhardy to purchase uranium on the internet. These are good questions. I chose United Nuclear Scientific because they were cheaper. Lolarusa says, “Sounds like you were a smart shopper. If you’re buying radioactive material, there’s no need to get picky about where it’s coming from.”

So I still don’t know if my Geiger counter works, but I do have a souvenir from Bob Lazar, and Bob has my $5.00.


~ by Rick on January 23, 2015.

5 Responses to “Geiger Counter”

  1. Lol! I love Rick’s guest posts. I am curious, though… what in the apartment had to go in order to make room for this fine piece of equipment? Also, how do I get on the list for the fallout shelter? Can I submit an application stating what I bring to the table in a doomsday scenario?

  2. That’s a beautiful machine.

  3. It is good looking, isn’t it. The fallout shelter is more like a “fallout shelter,” currently located in downtown Seattle, on the 4th floor of the Chromer Building. And yes, send me your application. I have band aids, mouthwash and 2 cans of corn, all from 1962. The set up might work for zombies, the rise of the machines, and/or fallout with equal effectiveness.

  4. Hello there,

    I am a commissioned writer for an art magazine in Taiwan. Your photos are extremely gorgeous. I would like to ask is it possible to use the photos of geiger counter from your sharing for an article on the topic of ‘sonification’ and ‘generative music’?

    This articles will be published in a paper press “Art collection+Design” in February. The fb page of this magazine-

    If you are willing to provide the photos, please let me know how to note the information and credit. Thanks so much!

    Best wishes,
    Chi Po-Hao

  5. Hello Chi Po-Hao,
    Watch for an email regarding your request.

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