Charlie’s Angels Speak Finnish

I never saw the Charlie’s Angels movie, but maybe I should have. Turns out they use Finnish as their secret language – something I’ve also enjoyed doing from time to time.

The Finnish part comes toward the end of the clip.

Alex: Onko sinun ja Knoxin välillä menossa jotakin?
Dylan: Ei tietenkään
Natalie: On vain niin että suhteet asiakkaiden kanssa ovat tosi huono idea
Dylan: Olen samaa mieltä

In English
Alex: Is there something going on between you and Knox?
Dylan: Of course not
Natalie: It’s just that relationships with clients are a really bad idea
Dylan: I agree

Video and transcript courtesy of setzer92.

~ by lolarusa on July 6, 2009.

One Response to “Charlie’s Angels Speak Finnish”

  1. Used to be the other way round when I was a kid: our parents talked secrets mainly in Swedish. Later on I could speak English with my kid sisters to keep the parents uninformed. :-)

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