Vintage Knits: Quick Gifts from 1958

I thought you might like some quick-to-knit gift ideas. Here are four patterns from College Knits, puublished by Bear Brand and Fleisher in 1958. I knitted up this lozenge-shaped hat as a gift for my sister, and put little pompoms on the ends of the laces. She loved it, and looks absolutely adorable when she wears it.

Fluffy hat

And here are a couple of other hat ideas, and a basic scarf.

Perky hat

Aviator hat and scarf

Here are the patterns:

Hats yarn and gaugeHat patternsAviator patternScarf

More knitting patterns


~ by lolarusa on November 17, 2007.

4 Responses to “Vintage Knits: Quick Gifts from 1958”

  1. Thanks loads. Did you know,that in wisconson we called the style of this angor hat…and maybe even the other one jibers.

  2. Interesting word, Tallulah. Do you know its origins?

  3. I did a little research on the word origin, and my best guess is perhaps it’s vaguely related to a ship’s triangular sail (the jib) as the jibber is almost (but not quite) a knit head scarf. But that’s a rather poor guess. The pattern on your site is one of the better ones as i believe it has the “darts” which make it conform to the shape of your head.

  4. Yes, I knitted it up for my sister, and it had a lovely fit.

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