Juggling Otter

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Perhaps with just two stones it’s technically not juggling, but still. I like the way the otter seems to do it to relax. Just killin’ some time.

Albrecht Dürer: Knight, Death, and the Devil

•August 8, 2016 • 1 Comment

I’ve just been to a show of master printmakers at the Seattle Art Museum. The most interesting to me was Albrecht Dürer’s amazing Knight, Death, and the Devil.

SAM provided magnifying glasses to view the prints up close, and this one is incredibly precise and detailed. I’ve uploaded an image that’s larger than actual size, so you can get a similarly close look. Click and zoom if you would like to pore over it.


Rescued Film: 1200 Undeveloped Rolls of Photos from the 1950s

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The Rescued Film Project has 1,200 rolls of undeveloped film from the 1950s.

Found on the ever-interesting Nag on the Lake.

Joni Mitchell: A Case of You

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Happy Canada Day! Here’s one of my favorite Canadians.

O My Love the Pretty Towns, by Kenneth Patchen

•June 24, 2016 • 3 Comments

Patchen_Kenneth600 (1)

O My Love the Pretty Towns


O my love
The pretty towns
All the blue tents of our nights together
And the lilies and the birds glad in our joy
The road through the forest
Where the surly wolf lived
And the snow at the top of the mountain
And the little
Rain falling on the roofs of the village
O my love my dear lady
The world is not very big
There is only room for our wonder
And the light leaning winds of heaven
Are not more sweet or pure
Than your mouth on my throat
O my love there are larks in our morning
And the finding flame of your hands
And the moss on the bank of the river
And the butterflies
And the whirling-mad

“O My Love the Pretty Towns” by Kenneth Patchen from Collected Poems. © New Directions, 1967.


Read by Garrison Keillor:

Apollo Mission Photos

•June 20, 2016 • 2 Comments

NASA has a Project Apollo photo archive with amazing photos from all the Apollo Program.

Here are some shots from Apollo 9.

Emerging Apollo 9 space walk


Hatch exit Apollo 9 space walk


Viewing earth Apollo 9 space walk



Viewing earth 2 Apollo 9 space walk


June Food

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Copper River sockeye salmon and fresh cherries. It must be June.


You Must Remember This: The Hollywood Blacklist

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I’ve recently discovered You Must Remember This, a podcast devoted to the history of the Hollywood film industry’s first 100 years.

This episode on Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn is from her series on the Hollywood blacklist, which is quite thorough and interesting. I hadn’t realized, for instance, how outspoken some actors were against the House Un-American Activities Committee, as in this radio broadcast, Hollywood Fights Back, featuring a very persuasive call to sanity from Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, and a slew of other stars:

From Kelly’s comments:

“Did you happen to see The Best Years of Our Lives? The picture that won 7 Academy Awards? Did you enjoy it? Well, the producer of that film, Samuel Goldwyn, has been subpoenaed. I understand supporters of the Un-American Committee didn’t like that film. Did you like it? Were you ‘subverted’ by it? Did it make you ‘un-American’? Did you come out of the movie with a desire to overthrow the government?”

More interesting material on the subject at the episode blog post.

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