June Flowers

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June flowers 1

June flowers 3

June flowers 4

Donna Stevens’ Portraits of Children Watching Television

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Donna Stevens’ photographs of children watching television capture something very familiar, do they not?



There are more in this series and many other interesting photos on Donna Stevens’ website.

Tapestries at the Residenz Museum in Munich

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This past October I had the good fortune of visiting the Residenz Museum in Munich. While we were there I kept my companions waiting for ages while I pored over the dozens of spectacular tapestries in the rooms. Here are just a few of them.








The tapestries were designed in the early 1600s by Hans van der Biest and Peter Candid. Click and zoom for a closer look.

Stromae Live at KEXP

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The fabulous Stromae and band performing a stripped-down set and interview at Seattle’s KEXP Radio.

Looking for the Differences, by Tom Hennen

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Looking for the Differences

I am struck by the otherness of things rather than their sameness. The way a tiny pile of snow perches in the crook of a branch in the tall pine, away by itself, high enough not to be noticed by people, out of reach of stray dogs. It leans against the scaly pine bark, busy at some existence that does not need me.

It is the differences of objects that I love, that lift me toward the rest of the universe, that amaze me. That each thing on earth has its own soul, its own life, that each tree, each clod is filled with the mud of its own star. I watch where I step and see that the fallen leaf, old broken grass, an icy stone are placed in exactly the right spot on the earth, carefully, royalty in their own country.

Read by Garrison Keillor


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Anemones Anemones2

Antonio Vivaldi: Spring

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Happy Spring.

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

The Dubliners: The Wild Rover

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


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