No-Sew Face Mask

Japanese Creations has instructions for a super easy no-sew face mask made from a scarf and two hair ties. I tried it. It works pretty well.

I’ve seen a lot of discussion online (see here, here, and here) about whether to use masks and why the CDC and other authorities have been recommending masks only for medical personnel and people experiencing corvid19-like symptoms. Basically there are three reasons: they fear recommending masks will lead to more severe shortages, they’re not sure the research is conclusive on their usefulness, and they fear that if people wear masks they’ll feel too secure and give up on other prevention methods like hand-washing and keeping at a safe distance from others.

I’m going to wear one the next time I go to the grocery. It seems like the least I can do for the people who work there and have to intereact with hundreds of people all day long.


~ by lolarusa on April 2, 2020.

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