Ads from the Back of a 1967 Needlework & Crafts Magazine

She sells youth!520

Looking at the ads in the back of old women’s magazines is always interesting. Aside from small changes in the vernacular, the copy in the ad above sounds like it could have been written yesterday, as do the ads for other magic things below.

Nostradamus ZOLAR519

Underwear design has changed a little. Velcro doesn’t seem amazing anymore, for instance. But I’ve noticed that uncomfortable underwear is back in fashion again.

Amazing VELCRO Princess beauty belt

Female-dri513 Compreso-belt506

And we still have the ads for beauty gadgets.

Envy Chin up!

One thing that’s different in these old magazines is the abundance of ads for dubious money-making schemes for strapped housewives.

Make money making donuts512 Dolls!502

And there are a few other things that you never see advertised nowadays. Is it still legal to ship live monkeys by mail?

Butting made easy511 Live pet seahorses501

Hat stands510 Footmops!

The fashions in the mag are fantastic. I’ll be posting some of the knitting patterns in the near future.

More vintage advertising

~ by lolarusa on May 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Ads from the Back of a 1967 Needlework & Crafts Magazine”

  1. I love to “keep dry the feminine way.”

  2. Yeah well, uncomfortable underwear is off my list now.

  3. Why can’t I have a monkey?

  4. “Make money making donuts”, why aren’t there jobs like that advertised anymore? More people should be making donuts.

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