British Press for The Rabbit Back Literature Society

The British press has begun to take notice of Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen’s marvelous first novel, The Rabbit Back Literature Society, just published in English, in a translation by yours truly.

“The Rabbit Back Literature Society is a lobster-pot of a book. It lures you in with an irresistibly quirky, witty opening and a huge Big Idea… It pays off, mostly due to an exquisite balance of suspense, precision-engineered structure and darkly playful humour… a unique vein of fantasy-realism unlike anything else you’ve ever read.” SFX Magazine

“This wonderfully knotty novel… is a peculiar metafiction, a very grown-up fantasy masquerading as quirky fable. Unexpected, thrilling and absurd, it is primarily an irreverent exploration of the art of writing itself” – Daily Telegraph

“It’s hard to convey the peculiar atmosphere of this novel – absurd but believable, sinister but enjoyable, beautiful but disquieting. This is Jaaskerlainen’s first novel to be published in English (and hats off to Lola Rogers for an elegant, literary and readable translation). Let’s hope there are more to come” – The Independent

UK paper and ebooks and US ebooks are out now, US paper books will be released in May. Available for order and pre-order from all major vendors or your local bookstore.

~ by lolarusa on December 2, 2013.

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