Stromae: Santé

After a long break, the great Stromae has a new music video, and I love it. It’s a celebration for those who do the hard work.

Subtitles available in settings.

Fun fact about the video, according to a language buff in the youtube comments:

The posters are a barely noticeable little detail that adds beautifully to the narrative… The texts are written in Cyrillic and… it’s a transliteration of Latin words that look like… Lorem Ipsum, which is just a placeholder text for web pages that are still work in progress. In reality, Lorem Ipsum is derived from Cicero’s passage (which is actually used here in its original form) on misconceptions of pleasures and pain, and how under certain circumstances people take on roles that bring only pain and toil, but nonetheless try to seek joy even in such conditions.

~ by lolarusa on October 23, 2021.

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