Seattle Peace Chorus Get Out the Vote

Let America be America Again: words by Langston Hughes, music by Frederick N. West.

The Seattle Peace Chorus is a local institution, a very earnest group of old Seattle liberals/hippies who specialize in choral uplift, so when I heard they were giving a virtual Get Out the Vote concert I figured I could use some of that uplift. I was expecting a choir performing from each person’s remote location, but what they’ve created is a well-produced, collaborative patriotic pageant, complete with slide show history lessons, poetry readings, handbell choirs, dance, and unabashed performative inclusiveness. It is a corny and inspiring thing.

You can watch the whole concert here, or these highlights:

~ by lolarusa on October 27, 2020.

One Response to “Seattle Peace Chorus Get Out the Vote”

  1. So glad you checked it out. I thought it was great. I really needed to hear hopeful, inspired voices during this continuing difficult nightmare.

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