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I’ve found a new favorite thing–music reaction videos, or “first time hearing” videos. They’re YouTube channels where the hosts accept song requests from viewers and record themselves listening to the song for the first time.

These videos feel like a guilty pleasure, because they fulfill that seldom satisfied desire many of us have to make other people love the things we love–or at least listen to them. Particularly older people getting younger people to listen to great songs of the past–and some songs that are perhaps not really that great but are beloved anyway. It’s also interesting how many of the videos are of young black hosts listening to music by white artists. I’ll have to mull over why that is.

JayveeTV (above) is one of the best channels I’ve seen, because the music people request is really good, and because he seems to actually be listening for the very first time. (You can tell that some hosts are just pretending they haven’t heard the song yet, which is disappointing.)

It’s clear that certain kinds of songs lend themselves well to this format–songs with hooks, or with spectacular performances. I decided to get in the spirit of things by listening along to a song I’d never heard, and chose the indisputably spectacular Finnish metal band Nightwish. As a Finnophile, I’m ashamed I’d never taken the time to really listen to them. This reaction to their song Ghost Love Score from host Alex Hefner is great fun:



And then there is the ultimate jaw-dropper, Dimash Kudaibergen, reacted to here by Esther Malorie:


~ by lolarusa on June 30, 2020.

2 Responses to “Music Reaction Videos”

  1. This is extraordinary. I want to listen to everything Nightwind has ever done. How have I never heard of them before?

  2. Hi, Carla! They are one of Finland’s most successful musical exports of all time, and inspire adoration from their fans. And rightly so.

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