Helsinki Market Square Panorama from 1909


I visited the Helsinki City Museum last month, and one of the most interesting things I saw there was a floor-to-ceiling panorama of Helsinki’s Kauppatori, the waterfront farmer’s market, taken by Signe Brander in 1909. It’s about 25 feet long and extremely detailed.

Click and zoom on the photos for a closer look. The one at the top of this post is extremely zoomable, and may take a moment to load.

kauppatori close-up 3


kauppatori close-up 2


kauppatori close up

They had a lot more stalls at the market in the days before supermarkets than they do now. The flower market, across the street on the right side of the photo, has only a handful of stalls nowadays.

There are more of Brander’s photos here.

More photos


~ by lolarusa on March 7, 2020.

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