Donate to Defeat “No-Witness”-Voting Senators

Lots of senators who voted to prevent having any witness testimony in the presidential impeachment trial are up for re-election. You may not be able vote them out where you live, but you can still donate to their opponents.

Martha McSally, Arizona.

McSally’s Opponent is former astronaut Mark Kelly (pictured at left). Click here to donate.

Cory Gardner, Colorado

There are several democratic candidates running in the primary to unseat Gardner, including former Governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper. To donate to Gardner’s eventual opponent, click here.

Kelly Loeffler, Georgia

Pastor Raphael Warnock, endorsed by Stacy Abrams, has entered the race to unseat Loeffler in what could be a deciding race. Donate here.

David Perdue, Georgia

Perdue is one of the richest men in the senate and raised $2.5 million just last quarter. The primary to replace him includes Jon Ossoff, who has previously run in the state. Donate to his eventual opponent here.

Joni Earnst, Iowa

No Democrat has emerged yet from primaries to challenge Earnst, but you can donate to her eventual opponent here.

Pat Roberts, Kansas

Roberts is retiring and not seeking reelection. Though the primaries have yet to happen, the front runners for Republican and Democratic nominations at this point are former Kansas Secretary of State and failed Candidate for Governor, Kris Kobach and state senator Dr. Barbara Bollier. Donate to Bollier here.

Mitch McConnell, Kentucky

Amy McGrath is running to unseat the evil turtle that wants to kill democracy. You can donate to McGrath here.

Susan Collins, Maine

Collins is running against Sara Gideon, who has raised a lot to take her down. But you can donate here if you want to help.

Lamar Alexander, Tennesse.

Alexander is not running for reelection in 2020, which is fine because he sucks. You can donate to Democrat James Mackler here.

Lindsey Graham, South Carolina

Graham’s race is considered “safe” but we don’t accept that. He needs to go and you can donate to his opponent, Jamie Harrison, here.

More information at The Mary Sue (and thanks to Miss Cellania).

~ by lolarusa on February 4, 2020.

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