A Curious Container

I thought I would post something while lolarusa is away.

I was at a bar the other night when a young couple asked if they could sit at my table. They were both good looking, had accents I couldn’t quite place, and smelled like sandalwood. After some small talk they got down to business: they had something they thought I might be interested in.

The conversation and weirdness that followed is beside the point, other than I was a bit dizzy & dreamy when they left. I bought something from them with the stipulation that I must some day sell it for less than I paid for it. I said, wait, what? I have to sell it? She said yes, you must sell it for less than you paid for it. My price was ridiculously cheap.

It’s all very curious, and you should please make of this story what you will. Attached are pictures of the item, and know that that bottle seems to contain more than just sand. My question – well, one of my questions – is why me? What made them sit at my table?





~ by Rick on May 31, 2019.

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