The Offices

As a dedicated fan of The Office, I was aware that it was watched all over the world (in 80 countries, it turns out), but I hadn’t thought about the fact that of course there are more local adaptations than just the American version.

Popula has a post up reviewing local versions of the show. Like this one from France.


The similarities and differences in these versions is sort of fascinating. The sets, for instance, are nearly identical in all of them. Sometimes the script varies, sometimes the style of acting.

In the Quebec version, the insufferable office manager is closely modeled on Ricky Gervais’s character, right down to little gestures.


Vaclàv Kopta, who plays the corresponding character in the Czech version, made the role his own.


More clips and reviews of the shows at Popula.

Via Miss Cellania

~ by lolarusa on April 13, 2019.

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