Ad on the Last Page of the New Yorker

Here is a rich person.
A person who can afford to be maintained by a team of professional hair, skin, clothing and accessory experts.

Her dress is a dark, rich green.

Her pose seems designed to display her jewelry.

Gold earrings, an elaborate but tasteful watch, a row of bracelets on her right arm, a stack of rings on her left ring finger.
But that’s too much jewelry at once for this to be an ad for the jewelry.

There is something sinister in her smile.
Is she a super-villain of some kind?

Wait, she’s standing at a bar with caricature portraits on the wall behind her.
Does she own a famous bar where celebrities hang out?
Running a bar is hard work. Respect.

Her hair is actually a little messy.
Maybe she was a bit rushed the day this photo was taken.
Maybe her smile isn’t sinister.
Maybe it’s a smile that says, Why did I ever agree to pose for this ad?
Maybe she feels ridiculous showing off her jewelry.
Her slightly raised left index finger could be saying,
Can we get this over with please?

The text at the bottom says she’s a Television Writer/Producer.
So she is a patron of this bar.
A showbiz person.

And this is an ad for Private Wealth Management.


~ by lolarusa on March 15, 2019.

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