Another Year of Chawing Rosin

It was a banner year for the old Chawed Rosin blob, which welcomed its 2 millionth visitor at some point a couple of months back.lady-with-a-squirrel-and-starling

In other stats, the most popular posting made this year was a link to Isaiah Sheffer’s wonderful reading of Ian Frazer’s Lamentations of the Father.

But the post with the most visits during the year was Bread and Roses, by James Oppenheim, posted ten years ago. That is no doubt because the Chawed Rosin now has the distinction of being cited in the article on that topic on Wikipedia. Cool.

The most frequent search term leading to the Chawed Rosin was “uncle arthur bedtime stories“. Other interesting search terms were “how to knit rug with yarn of old t shits” [sp?], the very practical “can lysol on sex toy cause vaginal itch“, and the mysterious “meg giggs“, which a little research reveals to be the name of Hans Holbein‘s lady with the squirrel.

The most frequently accessed image on the site was, not surprisingly, the perky snood.

Here’s wishing you all a banner 2019.

~ by lolarusa on January 1, 2019.

4 Responses to “Another Year of Chawing Rosin”

  1. well I’ll be hornswoggled! that’s a fine list. I figgered you was how I learnt of Stephen Rea reading a section from Seamus Heaney’s translation of the Aeneid, but I guess it warn’t. In any case, it’s one of the best things I’ve heard in the past few years, so here you go: It’s positively the least i can do for y’all. Looking for more bloggababbage from you in 2019!

  2. Cool link, Vinny! Thanks!

  3. Always mind expanding visit Chawed Rosin.

  4. Thanks for visiting, Melessa!

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