Windows 95 Tips

Windows 95 tips

More tips.

Found on Everlasting Blört.

~ by lolarusa on December 22, 2018.

3 Responses to “Windows 95 Tips”

  1. OH yes! I love these.

  2. If this is a joke, please explain it to me. Does this mean that not many people use email anymore? If that is the meaning, please tell me how people are communicating nowadays. I am serious about this question. I do not know. How are people communicating? If not email…how?

  3. Hi Oddbox! There’s no telling what fate befell this user’s email contacts. The image comes from what seems to be a (short-lived and no longer updated) blog that created a weird and sinister personality within Windows 95’s chirpy, annoying interface. You can get a better sense of the vibe if you follow the link to see the other posts.

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