Meta Moments in 70s Television

Columbo. Season 2 Episode 1. “Etude in Black”

Society Lady: It seems you had questionable taste in friends.

Groovy Jazz musician: Well, some of them were busted for smoking grass.
So what? Two members of the board of trustees are on indictment for breaking antitrust laws.

Society Lady: I wouldn’t try to be funny, Mr. Rifkin.

Groovy Jazz musician: I smoke grass sometimes, just about like you drink gin.
Didn’t you ever have a drink of gin during Prohibition, when gin was illegal?

Society Lady:

Myrna Loy 'Columbo' (1972) 2.1



~ by lolarusa on April 3, 2018.

2 Responses to “Meta Moments in 70s Television”

  1. Wow, great catch!

  2. The films of Myrna Loy are ever present in my mind. And in the minds of the makers of Columbo.

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