The Core of the Sun Wins the 2017 Prometheus Award

Paper Doll ChainJohanna Sinisalo’s novel THE CORE OF THE SUN, translated by your faithful correspondent, has just won the 2017 Prometheus Award.

As Cheryl Morgan put it:

The press release describes the book as “both libertarian and feminist” which will doubtless raise some eyebrows among both libertarians and feminists, who tend not to be on the best terms.


~ by lolarusa on July 18, 2017.

One Response to “The Core of the Sun Wins the 2017 Prometheus Award”

  1. Ironically, Ms. Morgan’s review of The Core of the Sun (which she helpfully linked to on the blog post you cite) gave a brilliant statement of precisely why it would appeal to libertarian readers: “it . . . ruthlessly satirizes those who think they know what it best for others.” I find it odd that Morgan seems not to have thought of that as a libertarian attitude; but then, if everyone were familiar with libertarian thought, there would be much less need for a Prometheus Award! In any case, I enjoyed The Core of the Sun a lot, and not only for the satiric aspect.

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