WSJ Best Books of 2016: Compartment No 6

I’m pleased to see that the Wall Street Journal has named Compartment No 6 one of the best books of the year:

compartment-no-6-graywolfThe best books in 2016 were those that escaped the surround-sound cacophony of actuality and showed readers the magic and mysteries of elsewhere…

Two of the year’s most remarkable books took place in the wastes of Siberia. Rosa Liksom’s “Compartment No. 6” (translated by Lola Rogers) describes the alliance that emerges between a young woman and a seedy construction worker stuck together on a train en route to Mongolia in the mid-1980s. The stations of their endless, halting trip display the gaudy twilight of the Soviet Empire.

compartment-no-6-coverAvailable online or at your neighborhood bookstore.

There’s more information about the book at FELT.

~ by lolarusa on December 30, 2016.

One Response to “WSJ Best Books of 2016: Compartment No 6”

  1. I love books in French. I have them about 1500. It is a pity that generally people love English and they forget that there are other languages also. Books in French, Spanish and Portuguese open us a different world for example.

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