You Must Remember This: The Hollywood Blacklist

I’ve recently discovered You Must Remember This, a podcast devoted to the history of the Hollywood film industry’s first 100 years.

This episode on Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn is from her series on the Hollywood blacklist, which is quite thorough and interesting. I hadn’t realized, for instance, how outspoken some actors were against the House Un-American Activities Committee, as in this radio broadcast, Hollywood Fights Back, featuring a very persuasive call to sanity from Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, and a slew of other stars:

From Kelly’s comments:

“Did you happen to see The Best Years of Our Lives? The picture that won 7 Academy Awards? Did you enjoy it? Well, the producer of that film, Samuel Goldwyn, has been subpoenaed. I understand supporters of the Un-American Committee didn’t like that film. Did you like it? Were you ‘subverted’ by it? Did it make you ‘un-American’? Did you come out of the movie with a desire to overthrow the government?”

More interesting material on the subject at the episode blog post.

~ by lolarusa on May 19, 2016.

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