When the Doves Disappeared

When the Doves Disappeared cover image

Sofi Oksanen’s most recent novel, When the Doves Disappeared, comes out in English next month.

…The Wehrmacht with their helmets and bicycles filled the street like locusts, a multitude without number, gas mask canisters waving, the soldiers covered in a downpour of flowers. Juudit stretched her arm out. Smiles sparkled in the air like bubbles in fresh soda, arms waved and sent a breeze sweet with the scent of girls toward the liberators⎯girls with their hands fluttering like leaves on summer trees, shifting and shimmering….

Like Sofi Oksanen’s previous novel Purge, When the Doves Disappeared is about life in Estonia during the decades of war and occupation in the 20th century.

It’s a very good book. Did I mention that I translated it?

You can read a longer excerpt from the novel in the August issue of Words Without Borders.

And here is a sample from the upcoming audiobook, read by Enn Reitel:

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