These scissors are sinister

I’m left-handed. It’s been a source of pride since early childhood, and I tell you now that I love being left-handed and consider it to be superior to being right-handed. Not equal. Superior. Why? I’m not allowed to say; it’s a left-handed thing.

Leftys are singled out around first grade when we’re issued scissors. Your first teacher says, “I see you are left-handed,” and then hands you special scissors.  If you didn’t know you were left-handed, by first grade you did.

lefty scissors

I personally thought left-handed scissors were bogus, because the only difference seemed to be the word “lefty” stamped on them, and I had a hard time using scissors whether they were left-handed or right-handed. Perhaps my technique was wrong. It’s hard to know for sure because it was years ago, but as an adult I assume that left-handed scissors were simply bolted together in a manner opposite to right-handed scissors, and both kinds sucked.

Now I am a grown man, college educated, aware of both engineering and ergonomics, and I have strong opinions about scissors. Consider these two similar models, both from Fiskars:

scissors, sinister and dexter

Look closely at the fit of the lefty:

left handed scissors

as opposed to the regular:

right handed scissors 1

What, some may ask, is the big deal? Let me show you the results of a few short minutes of cutting using right-handed scissors (parents, please send your children to another room):

right handed scissors 2

They say men can never know the pain of child birth (barring kidney stones), but I say you don’t know pain until you’re left-handed and are forced to use right-handed scissors.

~ by Rick on January 3, 2014.

3 Responses to “These scissors are sinister”

  1. I’m a lefty, although I grew up in a time when there were no alternatives to most implements like this, so I continue to use scissors right-handed. However, despite some cultural changes, it’s still a world geared to the right – and yes, I regard us lefty’s as superior also! :-)
    When I need to replace my vegetable peeler, it takes a few days to ‘break it in’ and then I don’t let any righty use it, otherwise they’d undo all my ‘training’.

  2. I used left-handed scissors in elementary school, but eventually it became too much of a bother trying to find left-handed scissors that I just taught myself how to cut right-handed one day. Made my life so much easier after that. I can cut with any scissors now without issue.

  3. i feel your pain comrade!

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