How to can peaches

This is a recipe for canning seven quarts of peaches.  That’s the number of jars that fit into a standard water bath canner. Make a medium syrup, 8 cups water/5 cups sugar.

Buy a box of peaches and select 25 – 30 of the ripest, biggest, best peaches from the box.

best peaches

Cut the peach in half.

half peaches

Dunk the peach in boiling water for thirty seconds.

boil for 30 sec.

Dunk the peach in ice water for thirty seconds.

plung into ice water

Skin the peach.

skin the peach

Put the peach in a bowl of fruit fresh, which is water & ascorbic acid, to keep them from turning brown.


Once you’ve put all of the peaches into the fruit fresh, put the peaches into sterilized jars.  The jar should be full. Cram them in.

Top the jars off with syrup. Get rid of bubbles with a butter knife, and screw the lid on.

remove bubbles

When you have seven jars of peaches with syrup, put the jars into the canner. Submerge the jars completely.

fill 7 jars, top off with syrup

boil 30 minutes

Boil for 30 minutes at a full rolling boil.


You got seven quarts of peaches in your pantry.

~ by Rick on September 6, 2013.

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  1. Sweet.

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