My old friends Dave and Molly live in Sprague, Washington, pop. 400.  Sprague is on the eastern edge of the Columbia Basin, which means no trees, hot summers, and lots of wheat fields. Dave & Molly often have so many garden tomatoes that they make homemade ketchup & homemade pizza sauce & generally do everything they can to stay on top of the tomatoes. Not this year. I guess it’s been cool, or rainy, or something, but they’ve harvested seven or eight tomatoes, tops.

Let us now consider the Puget Sound. If you want to get used to disappointment you can do no better than growing tomatoes in Seattle; it is a recipe for disappointment. Tomatoes like heat, which we have not got. This year, however, has not been a disappointment. A combination of skill, bravery, determination and weather has resulted in Lolarusa having the best tomato season ever.  Let me say it properly: Best. Season. Ever. This tasty batch of nightshades was picked on September 3rd from an area about a meter square.


~ by Rick on September 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “Tomatoes”

  1. Watcha gonna do with all them tomatoes?

  2. eat them. share them.

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