How to make strawberry jam

June is strawberry season. Here is a brief tutorial on how to make strawberry jam.

1. Boil jars & lids.


2. Wash strawberries.


3. put on an apron.


4. combine equal parts strawberries and sugar.


put it in a big pot, let sit 15 – 30 minutes to dissolve.


Turn on the heat. Boil; evaporate the water; stir; reduce; stir; it thickens; stir. Stir some more.


When the mixture drips slowly from a metal spoon in a non-watery fashion, pour into jars using a wide mouth funnel. Put a lid on it. Hope for the best. What you want is something not too thin, not too thick. I always go too far & end up with too-thick jam. Better too thin than too thick. You can always boil it a little longer, but it’s much harder to go back in time.


Don’t worry about the mess. It’s just sugar.




~ by Rick on June 7, 2013.

4 Responses to “How to make strawberry jam”

  1. Mesmerising! How do you stop from eating it all immediately?!

  2. That remains a mystery.

  3. I plan to make plum jam later this summer. I’ll trade you a few jars :)

  4. I used your instructions and it worked. Thanks, Rick!

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