Estate Sale Photographer’s Case

Dyatlov 1

Dyatlov 2

Dyatlov 3

Dyatlov 4

Dyatlov 5

Dyatlov 6

Dyatlov 7

Dyatlov 8

Dyatlov 9

Dyatlov 10

Dyatlov 11

Dyatlov 12

Dyatlov 13

Dyatlov 15


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~ by Rick on May 12, 2013.

9 Responses to “Estate Sale Photographer’s Case”

  1. The project turned out great! It looks so 1960’s.

  2. Project? You must be thinking of something else. I found this photographer’s case at an estate sale.

  3. It reminds me, weren’t there some winter campers that died mysteriously in Russia Many years ago? Did anyone ever find out what happened to them?

  4. Oh my, what a find! Is that a “Brownie”?

  5. You darn right that’s a Brownie.

  6. That’s really impressive.

  7. This is interesting. It looks like it’s from the estate of Seymon Zolotariov’s family. (Passport/docs) The contents include images from the ill fated Dyatlov Pass incident where 9 Russian skiers mysteriously died during an extended ski touring trip. There is an effort to preserve artifacts.

  8. On second thought, there are several english items. Strange… did it all come in the box?

  9. Yes, everything in this post was found in that case. There are several documents in English such as the American passport, Intourist brochures, etc. The false bottom hides a curious mix of Russian and English documents. You can click on the images for a slightly closer look.

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