Happy Tax Day!

taxformsToday’s the last day to render unto Ceasar, United Statesians.

I found filling out my complicated self-employment tax forms extra irksome this year after learning that a plan to make taxes easier to pay has been in the works for years, but software companies have successfully lobbied to keep it from being adopted.

But you’ve already done your taxes (right?), so it’s safe for you to learn about it. The anger will fade by the time you have to fill out the unnecessarily and purposely difficult forms our crappy tax system insists that we provide.

Here’s a song to remind us of the smug feeling of virtuousness that is our reward.

Keep on smiling!

~ by lolarusa on April 14, 2013.

2 Responses to “Happy Tax Day!”

  1. How about those weird, spooky background vocals, huh!

  2. The back-up singers are what makes this song.

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