Deep in the Heart

We spent several days last week in West Texas, which was blistering hot and covered in thorns and stickers.

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~ by lolarusa on July 31, 2012.

4 Responses to “Deep in the Heart”

  1. Prickly heat? I hope it was more fun than it sounds.

  2. Nordic vacations sound nicer!

  3. As you can see, there is a beauty to the landscape, especially from an air-conditioned car. And it was nice visiting loved ones. And it makes you feel like you’re totally blessed to come home and realize how cushy we’ve got it here in Seattle.

  4. Hi Sis –
    DC wasn’t much better last week. 102 degrees with 90% humidity. Thank God I was inside attending meetings most of the day. I’d stand on the curb at the metro stop waiting for the hotel shuttle to pick me up and wonder, how can people live in this inferno…. The World AIDS Conference was totally amazing and grueling – 12 hour days, meetings, panels, lectures, more panels, receptions and fighting 24,000 people to move from event to event. Will fill you in more later.

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