Fashion Olympics

I think my favorite part of the Olympics opening ceremonies is the entry of the athletes. The Olympic athletes are by no means a representative cross-section of humanity, as can be seen by the always befuddling majority-white team from South Africa, or the large teams fielded by even the smallishest European countries. The Olympics are for those who can afford them.

But in spite of these limitations, the parade of athletes gives us a rare opportunity to see many people from all over the world in one place. And since almost all of them are at the peak of youth and vigor, bursting with robust good health, they look fantastic. They’re like several hundred poster children for the idea that everybody’s beautiful.

And then their damn coaches or whoever they are make them wear some of the world’s most unflattering clothing. Nobody but a world-class athlete could look good in some of the outfits they make those poor kids wear.

Except for Mexico. Of the teams I got a good look at last night, Mexico was by far the best dressed, each in his or her own outfit, put together from actual clothes. Colorful and fine.

~ by lolarusa on July 28, 2012.

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