True, by Riikka Pulkkinen

The gently mind-bending novel True, written by Riikka Pulkkinen and translated by yours truly, is now available in bookstores.

Just so you know.

Here are some reviews:

“In Finnish author Pulkkinen’s first novel to be translated into English, a dying woman and her family become a prism illuminating love from a variety of often-uncomfortable angles… Eeva remains tantalizingly elusive as she becomes more real, a girl from the country swept up by the cultural changes of the 1960s. The emotional intelligence of the prose avoids melodrama to develop authentic poignancy.” – Kirkus (starred review)

“Maybe the recent flurry of genre fiction from Scandinavia has sparked an interest in translations of its literary fiction as well. Or maybe this prize-winning Finnish novel was simply too good to pass up… the story is made fresh by its complex play of past and present and richly rendered characterizations… A beautiful, sensuous novel.” – Library Journal

“True is a psychological drama that explores memory and forgetting, the mind’s desire to select and bend reality. Elsa’s story demonstrates that lies can offer mercy, and that truth at best remains subjective, alterable, sometimes imagined, and easily disguised… Riikka Pulkkinen, a celebrated, young, Finnish author, depicts the three generations story with skill and exceptional maturity.” – Elliott Bay Books

I’m particularly pleased that Elliott Bay, my local bookstore, is recommending it.

You can buy the book through the publisher’s web page.

~ by lolarusa on March 22, 2012.

4 Responses to “True, by Riikka Pulkkinen”

  1. I tried to buy it on Kobo and iTunes but apparently the ebook is not available in Canada ;-(

  2. No e-books in Canada? Drat! But they do have paper copies.

  3. fantastic translation. reads beautifully in english. have not read a novel in one siting in a long time, as i did with this one. made me laugh and weep in turns. stumbled into it at helsinki airport as i wanted to read a novel set in helsinki as i was leaving finland after a week’s stay. hit the spot just right. deeply evocative of the landscape and the quality of summer light. now looking forward to more.

  4. Thanks, Krishnendu. You won’t have to wait long. Another novel by Riikka Pulkkinen will be coming out in English next spring.

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