Animation: Pancakes!

Video by GiR2007.

Caveat: the use of electric appliances is entirely unnecessary for pancakes. That’s why God gave you arms.

Happy Pancake Day!

I see that Youtube is putting ads at the front of their videos now. You do have the option of clicking past them, though. Is it too annoying, or worth the trouble to click through and watch the video?

~ by lolarusa on February 21, 2012.

4 Responses to “Animation: Pancakes!”

  1. That was pretty cute! And I do want pancakes now. Without Nutella though, ick!

  2. Nutella, ick!? I never thought I’d hear those two words together.

  3. I know! I’m rare. And deprived. But I can’t help it… I just don’t think nuts and chocolate belong together, in most circumstances.

  4. Lemon and sugar, mmmmmmmm. Tasty.

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