Vintage Knits: Pullovers from 1975

Why, hello up there. How do you like our sweaters? Are they not as handsome as we are? But no, nothing is as handsome as we are.

I’m thinking about making one of these in the smallest size, in a slightly fluffier grayish blue. What do you think?

Here are the patterns.

Gauge guide



More knitting patterns

~ by lolarusa on January 24, 2012.

7 Responses to “Vintage Knits: Pullovers from 1975”

  1. Um, yes. Hello. Are you…
    “A sweater model? Yes, as a matter of fact, I am a sweater model.”

    No. I meant, are you s…
    “Strong? Suave? Stylish? All these things have of course been applied to me in the past, but I prefer to think of myself as Magnetic.”

    I meant serious. Seriously? Are you serious?
    “Which do you prefer for highlighting a man’s good looks – a dickie or an ascot?”

    which what?
    “Yes, a dickie. An ascot is so 1960. I also model slacks, but those shoots are usually done from a low angle. I’ve often thought my best features are captured from a low angle. But seriously. I’ll be in 1975 for the rest of the week. Call me; I’m in the book.”

  2. I happen to know that you keep an ascot in your desk drawer, Ricky.

  3. I drew my attention to the shape of collar. In fact I prefer it, which is on the left side. My wife makes this collar model yet day. :)

  4. Those pants appear to have some kind of gusset insert that prevents the wearers from bringing their legs together.

  5. I’ve always loved the word gusset.

  6. Hi, is there any guide to what yarn and amounts the patterns require or am I just not seeing it? Many thanks:-)

  7. Hello Jacinta! I see I forgot to include the gauge guide. Sorry about that. I’ve added it to the post. It’s the first small image you see, and includes gauge measurements for fingering, sport, and worsted weight yarns.

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