Marsh’s Free Museum

In the city of Long Beach, Washington (pop. 1365) lies Marsh’s Free Museum.

Established in 1935, it’s the sort of place that I’ve always liked. A collection of oddities, candy, seashells, and taxidermy.

The animal heads are OK,

as are the Penny Arcade machines:

Marsh’s claim to fame is Jake, the Alligator Man:

Here’s another picture of him, after I figured out the whole camera-flash thing:

Marsh’s received world-wide attention, if “world-wide” is the phrase I want, when Jake appeared in The Weekly World News:

We have a bumper sticker on our car in Jake’s honor. Since this is a Washington state thing, no one ever asks me what it means. But my brother has my old Tercel with a Jake sticker on it, and he lives in San Antonio, Texas. I wonder if anyone down there asks him, “What’s with the alligator man?”?

~ by Rick on September 29, 2011.

One Response to “Marsh’s Free Museum”

  1. I’ve always wondered about those stickers….now I know!

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