Werewolf Hunter’s Kit

I’m a fan of H.P. Lovecraft. Not a big fan, just a fan. I found this blog called Propnomicon, a Lovecraftian blog chock-full of homemade Lovecraftian props, and it inspired me to make a werewolf hunter’s kit. So, observe. I found the box at a second-hand store.

Here you can see the accoutrements of the trade.

Here is a werewolf finger made of super sculpey, slightly over-baked, scribbled with Prisma Colors, and wrapped in cheesecloth. Notice the chicken bone.

And below is a book, contents taken from Wikipedia, printed on ordinary tea-stained paper, and hand-bound in the Italian method by me. I’m quite happy with how the entire project turned out. Click on any of these for a much larger image.


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~ by Rick on July 14, 2011.

8 Responses to “Werewolf Hunter’s Kit”

  1. Well done! Your ingenious techniques are very impressive. Looking forward to your next creative project.

  2. Very nice indeed! Remind me to look you up on my next hunt.

  3. Why would you want to hunt us what have we done to you you started hunting us first I’m mad because someone killed my mate and the alpha in my pack. I want revenge!!!

  4. What have you done? Need you ask? Slaughtered my sheep; murdered the poor villagers; wooed my beautiful daughter! Beware the time the wolfbane blooms, Lucifer. I got my eye on you.

  5. Nice Hunting Kit!

  6. Nice work! The box was a great find too

  7. are you able to get compensation for the dead villagers other than the severed finger? or is the finger in of it self worth a lot?

  8. The finger reminds those like Lucifer (if that’s his real name) that our village is not to be messed with. As for compensation, maybe we could take a werewolf to court.
    It’s been done.

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