Canadian Music

This is a post by Rick.

As a lad I loved Canadian music. Joni Mitchell? No. Neil Young? No. BTO? No! I loved Rush.

I also liked Triumph quite a bit.

Looking at these images makes me think, maybe I had a thing about double-necked guitars. But no, that wasn’t it.

Rush played music that appealed to me as both rock and as an intellectual pursuit. I know that teenagers aren’t famous for their taste, but I stand by my old grasp of what was good. You could bang your head to it, and it made you think. At least, it made this 16-yr-old think. I still consider Rush my all-time favorite band, which is why if you click that photo of them up above, you get to see a video.

Triumph’s singer was a wonderful tenor, and they always included one classical guitar piece on each album. Still, their best stuff was always rock. Magic Power, Lay It on the Line, and Hold On come to mind. So I say fair is fair, click on Triumph to get a video from them, too.

I guess I like 3-man bands. Kind of raw and kind of full, if they’re good.

Rush recently played in Helsinki. Without Canada, this place wouldn’t be the same, and I personally would be a different man. I imagine a lesser man. Thank you, Canada! BFF!

~ by Rick on June 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “Canadian Music”

  1. Can you Guess Who my favorite Canadian band is?

  2. Scene: Me, hanging out at recess with one of the cool kids at my Christian school, 7th grade

    Cool kid: “I really like Rush.”
    Me: “Oh yeah, me too.”
    Cool kid: “Which album is your favorite?”
    Me: “… Uh… all of them, I guess.”
    Cool kid:

    I had never heard a single Rush song, and this early experiment with trying to fit in by lying made quite an impression on me.

  3. If I guess your favorite band, can I still have sugar tonight in my coffee?

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