Over a Million Served

I just noticed that at some point in recent weeks The Chawed Rosin recieved its millionth visit. Huzzah!

~ by lolarusa on May 17, 2011.

4 Responses to “Over a Million Served”

  1. Wow! A million is a lot. A lot a lot. Congratulations, Lolarusa! Your first million will always be special.

    A million hits is most outstanding,
    congratulations on that score.
    A daily blog can be demanding,
    Boring, stressful, uncalled for.
    And yet you reached a magic number,
    with poems, patterns, and politics,
    I hope you reach another million
    but keep in mind, we like the pics.

  2. Thank you, Rick, for your poetic yet accurate congratulations.

  3. rick, i like that poem.

  4. Hooray for the Chawed Rosin, Lola! Really like yer poem, Rick. Wanted to tell you Jon rented the movie Still Bill and we just finished watching it. Liked it a lot, made me cry though, a couple times, especially when he was playing music with his daughter. Sniff. Am now watching Logan’s Run again (for the 3rd time this rental). Jon thinks it’s dumb but he’s wrong.

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