Owl Chick Rescue in Helsinki

A pair of eagle owls has been nesting and raising chicks in downtown Helsinki and activating adorableness sensors in Finland and around the world. Recently one of the chicks, attempting to learn to fly, found itself stranded on the sign at, of all things, a chain restaurant selling American-style Southern Fried Chicken.

The baby owl was rescued by a bird expert and the fire department.

Rick points out that according to wikipedia, the European eagle owl prefers to nest on cliffs near wooded areas. It is said the eagle owl can swallow a hedgehog whole.

~ by lolarusa on April 25, 2011.

One Response to “Owl Chick Rescue in Helsinki”

  1. Eagle owls can probably see better than me, but I spent a month in Helsinki last summer, looking for hedgehogs. Eyeing the ground, staring at hedges, bumping into things. I don’t think they exist.

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