Klaatu42’s Mystical Cat

Another delightful voice-over by Klaatu42, he of the bilingual beaver.

Update: For reasons that elude me, this video has been made private by the creator. The beaver’s still, available, though.

Update eight years later: The mystical cat has returned!

~ by lolarusa on February 26, 2011.

4 Responses to “Klaatu42’s Mystical Cat”

  1. This was a lovely antidote to the sad, sad West Side Story we just watched. I showed Gillian the Beaver clip as well; she really enjoyed it.

  2. West Side Story is such a fantastic movie, and so sad. Or were you at a live performance?

  3. I walked over to the drugstore when the last snowstorm was just beginning, to paw through their DVDs so we could have something fresh for a movie night. West Side Story was filmed in 1961, the year both E.g. and I were born, and neither of us had ever seen it!

    The other DVD I bought was The Visitor (2007). It’s brilliant! If you haven’t seen it, I bet you’d really enjoy it.

  4. The Visitor is a great movie. The injustice of the situation is so palpable and moving.

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