First Sentence Friday

Here’s the first sentence of the book I’ve just finished reading:

The morning I spotted Tony Gardner sitting among the tourists, spring was just arriving here in Venice.

It’s from Crooner, the first story in the Kazuo Ishiguro collection Nocturnes.

The stories are set mostly in Venice, around the Piazza San Marco. It sounds like Ishiguro has spent time in the piazza, which I remember vividly from our trip there.

One thing is very strange, though. There’s a point at which the book mentions taxis and limousines pulling up to a hotel on the piazza. The Piazza San Marco. In Venice. Where there are no cars.

I guess it must be an example of Ishiguro’s weird insertions of unreality, which is one of the things I most love about his work. But it’s such a strange one, since the other descriptions of the place are so unremarkable and believable, and anyone who doesn’t know much about Venice wouldn’t notice it at all. Or maybe there’s such a thing as a “water limousine” like the “water taxis” in Venice (and here in Seattle).

Any thoughts?

~ by lolarusa on January 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “First Sentence Friday”

  1. Sounds good. I liked Never Let me Go. My book’s first sentence is “You think I killed her don’t you?” from Ian Rankin’s The Falls. From the moody Scottsman Detective John Rebus series.

  2. John Rebus is an intriguing name. Does the book involve rebuses at all?

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