Wikileak: Obama Worked With Republicans to Prevent Investigation of Torture

Mother Jones focuses on one of the many interesting facts in the recent Wikileaks document release: that the newly-elected Obama administration cooperated with Republicans in Congress and the State Department to pressure Spain to abandon its investigation of torture policies under the Bush Administration.

On April 15, Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.), who’d recently been chairman of the Republican Party, and the US embassy’s charge d’affaires met with the acting Spanish foreign minister, Angel Lossada. The Americans, according to this cable, “underscored that the prosecutions would not be understood or accepted in the US and would have an enormous impact on the bilateral relationship” between Spain and the United States. Here was a former head of the GOP and a representative of a new Democratic administration (headed by a president who had decried the Bush-Cheney administration’s use of torture) jointly applying pressure on Spain to kill the investigation of the former Bush officials.

Read the whole article here.

(Wikileaks has been shut down by its server, but others are picking up the slack. If you cannot connect to it through the link above, try, or

~ by lolarusa on December 2, 2010.

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