Animation: Jack-o-Lantern Comes to Life

“This Jack-O-Lantern is named Uberpunkin. It is thought by some to have taken atleast 100 years of research by many scientists to develop the magical seeds of this creature. The first known scientist to be involved with this recently declassified phenomenon was a Bulgarian named Dr. Dieter Punkinstein. It is the only known footage of this self-aware pumpkin. Investigations have led many to believe that it was filmed sometime in the 1930’s. The whereabouts of it’s seeds are unknown, but alien abduction of it’s innards has been speculated upon by Helen Finkle, the discoverer of the lost tape. She claims to have found the tape in a field near Area 51 in Rachel, Nevada in 1944.”

Video courtesy of John Wenzel.

~ by lolarusa on October 27, 2010.

One Response to “Animation: Jack-o-Lantern Comes to Life”

  1. I’m scared of uberpunkin.

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