David Horsey on Tea Party Contradictions

An excellent column and cartoon from David Horsey this week in the PI.

Dana Loesch, the latest pretty face to become a media voice for the Tea Party, was on Bill Maher’s show last week reciting a common conservative mantra: “Government should not pick the winners and losers in the economy.” This was during a discussion of the bailout of General Motors. Loesch, true to her Tea Party ideology, thought the bailout was a terrible idea, even though most of the money has already been paid back. It was left to Wall Street Journal columnist Dan Neil to point out that if GM had gone under, as many as a million American jobs would have disappeared…

In the imaginations of these libertarian purists, life was lovely in this republic before progressives like Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson began meddling with the system and set America on the long, dark trudge to Barack Obama’s totalitarian socialist rule…

Yes, what a glorious time it was back then, before government started setting some rules. The free market picked the winners – oil companies, railroads, mining companies, sweat shop owners, polluters, timber barons, plantation owners, the meat packing industry – and the losers – child laborers, mine workers, mill workers, sharecroppers, people sickened by degraded air, water and land, as well as by tainted food…

Read the whole article on the PI website

~ by lolarusa on October 22, 2010.

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