Children in the Garden

One more post while lolarusa is away.

I went to the garden to pick beans. It’s a community garden, about 4 blocks from home. A mother with her two children were there visiting, just looking around. One child arrived by bicycle with training wheels, the other apparently arrived in a stroller. Brothers, one maybe 4, the other maybe 3 years old, and both were wearing bicycle helmets. The mom let the boys do the talking.

Why is there a scarecrow in your garden?
“Do you remember the tale of Peter Rabbit? He lost his jacket when he was caught sneaking into Mr McGregor’s garden. That’s his jacket.”
I know that story. I think that’s a true story.  I think that story is true.
“It sounds true, doesn’t it.”
Are those your strawberries?
“No, those belong to someone else.  We’re not allowed to pick those strawberries.”
Is that your jacket?
“No. I bought that at Value Village to make a scarecrow.”
Can we pick those strawberries?
“No, we’re not allowed to pick those strawberries. They belong to someone else.”
You should put a head on it.
“On the scarecrow?”
“A rabbit head?”
“Put a rabbit head on the scarecrow?”
“That might scare little kids, seeing a dead rabbit.”
Can we pick those strawberries?
I wouldn’t be afraid of a dead rabbit.
“No, not you, but maybe little kids would be scared. They would ask their moms, Mommy, why is there a dead rabbit in that garden?”
I wouldn’t be afraid of a dead rabbit.
Can we pick those strawberries?
“We can only pick from right here. This little spot right here. Here, c’mere. Look right here.”

Oddly enough, we also have strawberries. Just two. Why are there strawberries in October? Two strawberries, and two kids. I rinse them off and give the big strawberry to the big brother and the little strawberry to the little brother. The mom looks at me like I’m awesome. It’s true, I am awesome. Ask anyone. She said to the boys, “Say thank you!”
Thank you!
“You’re welcome.”

I was totally proud, and consider that a satisfying day of gardening.

~ by Rick on October 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Children in the Garden”

  1. Were you tempted to chase them with a hoe? Just kidding, I know you weren’t.

  2. “Stop, thief!”

  3. aw….

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