Sam Stone

I’ve decided to post on the Chawed Rosin while lolarusa is in Germany on business. My name is Rick, and I wrote this post.

I consider Sam Stone by John Prine to be the saddest song ever written. When lolarusa is away I practice singing it, but when she’s home I tend to keep my mouth shut. I’m shy in that regard, even around the people I live with. Here is a a video of John explaining how he feels about the song.

And here is Johnny Cash singing the whole song, although you will notice he changes the lyrics just a bit.  The song reminds me of my poor, late sister-in-law, who sang this song in a way that could bring tears to the eyes of criminals, deadbeats, ne’re-do-wells, and soft-hearted men like me.

~ by Rick on October 7, 2010.

8 Responses to “Sam Stone”

  1. I’ll pretty much click on anything that promises a sad song… unless it involves Elton John. I don’t know much about John Prine, thanks for the tune.

  2. Rick, If you want to sing out, sing out. If you want to be free, be free.
    Yeah, this song will make you cry for sure.
    P.S. Lola is going to Germany on business. That’s something unusual you get to say.

  3. True. How many times do I get to say, “I’m sorry, but Lola is in Germany on business. How may I help you?” The answer is none. None times. As for singing out, I sing out when the house is empty. That’s the Callaway way.

  4. So you do sing into a spoon while I’m away. I knew it.

  5. I use a wooden spoon, which is the best spoon as far as absorption goes. I thought about singing with a squeegee, but my experience at the opera taught me that it’s just too ungainly.

  6. Chortle. By the way, I was looking up John Prine videos and found one of him with Steve Goodman. Nancy took me to their concert when I was a teenager, which was really nice of her.


    Check out track 9. Couldn’t find it online anywhere…great album though.

  8. I understand why he changes that lyric – it probably sounds shockingly blasphemous to many people. But I think it might be the most powerful line in the song. It sounds to me like a depth of despair expressed in a way that only a believer would feel. It’s as if Johnny’s protecting his audience from any such doubts. Faith is a fragile thing.

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