Google Translates Poetry

Does this sound familiar? I used Google to translate it from Hebrew:

The Lord my friend, do not miss me.
In veld, Ervicny; on – who offerings administrator.
He restoreth mental; guidance circles – was right, for his name.
that the – will go dark valley, No – IRA bad – that – you’re with me;
Gaze Omashanatach, hot Enhmny.

The be held before, table – against Carary;
Edsnat oil heads, glass overflow.
And, but, goodness pursued – all – days of my life;
Went back home – the Lord, it took days.

More google translations

~ by lolarusa on September 1, 2010.

4 Responses to “Google Translates Poetry”

  1. Completely awesome…next try translating The Lord’s Prayer from Greek!

  2. Oh, I love Google translations! After using it to translate a Daniel Balavoine song I realized my French isn’t nearly as rusty as I thought.

  3. Do you fear for your job now? Ha.

  4. Yep, that was familiar…kinda. I especially like the last line. “It took days.”

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