Saimaa and Olavinlinna

We spent an entire day cruising aboard the MS Puijo through the vast waterways of Saimaa from Kuopio to Savonlinna, where we attended the annual opera festival, held in Olavinlinna, a medieval castle.

We saw Tosca. Juha Uusitalo was marvellous.

~ by lolarusa on July 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Saimaa and Olavinlinna”

  1. Love the round windows on the castle. Not sure about the wall privies, whether they detracted from the look or were a mark of luxurious living conditions.

  2. How very wonderful! Did you see a show?

  3. We saw Tosca. As a man working as a tour guide at the castle said, it has many horror elements. Scary villains and a desperate heroine. Didn’t take pictures during the opera, of course.

  4. So nice to read and lovable photos. Mw and my wife make during summer cruises on some of our lakes. To present photos from the Castle of Olavinlinna was great. Maybe my summer and winter photos from it awakes memories to You.

    Castle of St. Olof in summer and in winter including ice carvings.

    Midsummer cruise.

    I hope that You like these posts of mine.

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