Helsinki by Jopo

Our magnanimous friends loaned us their Jopos to ride around town. We rode around Katajanokka and along the shore to Kaivopuisto.

We stopped at Cafe Ursula and had some leipäjuusto with cloudberry jam and a strawberry munkki and saw some pieces of guerilla art.

This crocheted piece looks a bit like a traffic signal.

This wooden thing was just sitting among the milk crates. It looks like a sculpture, but maybe it has some utilitarian purpose?

There were a lot of geese about.

More photos

~ by lolarusa on July 16, 2010.

8 Responses to “Helsinki by Jopo”

  1. Nice to see that the geese aren’t Canada honkers for once.

    Those breakfast delicacies are making me hungry!

  2. More bread-cheese please! Oh so very yummy!

  3. I looked closely and saw the women washing rugs. That was nice. Something I’d heard of but not seen. What does the sign say?

  4. Cloudberry – never heard of it but it sounds delicious.

  5. Are you bringing back some bread cheese and cloudberry jam for me?

  6. The sign says Helsinki harbor. I can’t really see the smaller print. We’ve been discussing how to bring home bread cheese, and can’t think of a way to do it successfully. Maybe it’s more special if we can’t bring it home. Although that’s no help to you, I realize.

  7. Similar to corrugated fiberboard in overall characteristics, plastic corrugated is typically extruded from polypropylene. Advantages include excellent moisture resistance and increased durability. Also can be use with Foam, corrugated and wood.

  8. Thank you, Dallas Shipping Crates, for that insightful comment. It’s an aspect of biking through Helsinki that I hadn’t considered.

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